Does the size of your tech stack matter? #SDTechX Takeaways from SiriusDecisions Tech Summit


Guest post by Marilyn Cox, Vice President of Marketing and CRM at The Second City

Marketers love technology.  The love affair, for most of us, started over 10 years ago with the development of technology designed specifically for marketers. Somebody was showing us some attention! The flames were only flared further as more tech budget and buying power was afforded the marketing department.  Marketing technology became sexy and desired – we couldn’t get enough.

Now we love comparing the size of our tech stacks. We show off our trophy-winning integrations. We catcall and whistle as new robust features are paraded across keynote stages. And we grab at demos – because we’re marketers and when you’re a marketer, vendors will let you grab at their demos……

You have to wonder if we’ve lost sight of what matters. Have we become selfish (tech) lovers, ignoring the needs of our partners?

At this week’s SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange, the message delivered was very clear; don’t forget why you fell in love with technology  – tech is what built those relationships with your customers and company.

Below are 12 Tweetable Takeaways from this week’s conference.

#SDTechX Tweetable Takeaway #1:
Tech strategy is driven by strategy and data – but not often company culture. Don’t underestimate the role of culture.

#SDTechX Tweetable Takeaway #2:
To succeed with tech company culture must embrace positive disruption, see tech as a strategy, and for the love of god use the freakin data.

#SDTechX Tweetable Takeaway #3:
Data is great but it still requires a dialogue. Implement a feedback loop with all stakeholders to discuss what the data is (and is not) showing.

#SDTechX Tweetable Takeaway #4:
Don’t let the “M” in ABM misguide you. Sales alignment and training is needed for Account Based Marketing to be successful.

#SDTechX Tweetable Takeaway #5:
When considering new tech, build in the cost of training your team – and remember training isn’t a one-time thing.

#SDTechX Tweetable Takeaway #6:
Look to the consumer space for future B2B tech trends ala additive manufacturing. Perhaps out-of-the-box is out and hyper-customization is in?

#SDTechX Tweetable Takeaway #7:
Augmented Reality heightens the consumer experience. Your company needs to involve its customers in aspects of the brand experience.

#SDTechX Tweetable Takeaway #8:
Evaluate the best delivery approach for employee training. Human connections supported by ongoing reinforcement is ideal.

#SDTechX Tweetable Takeaway #9:
Take the same care in internal tech dev as customer dev – focus on personas, build evangelists, engage senior leadership.

#SDTechX Tweetable Takeaway #10:
Remember, tech is meant to simplify, not complicate. Implement for business impact, not activity level.

#SDTechX Tweetable Takeaway #11:
Date your vendors. Get to know how they’ll meet your (sometimes emotional) needs, live with them (or pilot) – don’t give it up because of a smooth pick up line.

#SDTechX Tweetable Takeaway #12:
Alright marketers, we’ve been selfish (tech) lovers. Time to focus on our sales teams. My favorite project right now is our Sales Asset Management initiative.

So, I’m making a technology commitment to romance my customers and team (in a very HR-appropriate way). As I approach technology initiatives I’ll put their needs in front of my own. And if I find myself getting carried away again I’ll just take a cold shower.