Smash Your Brand


When Coca Cola decided to create a unique bottle in 1915, it’s charter was to create something that consumers would recognize in the dark. If smashed into pieces, said the now-famous creative brief, each piece of the bottle should still be recognized as Coca Cola. That was a tall order, but 90 years later that bottle is an American icon.

In a piece written more than four years ago but still relevant today, Martin Lindstrom talks about what it means to “Smash Your Web site“, to ensure that a consistent brand experience is created throughout. Today, Martin wrote about smashing your vision statement, to make sure it too is relevant.

Think about your entire brand for a moment. Is it smashable? Could you separate the parts of your brand controlled by marketing from that which might be controlled or operated elsewhere in the company, and still recognize your brand?

This all comes back to the urgent need for brand consistency across any organization. Every channel, every touchpoint, every element of your business needs to reflect your brand and your values.