Stop selling (and help customers to buy)


Want to help your sales team successfully and quickly migrate to a customer-centric sales approach?

Eliminate the term “sales process” from your vernacular.  It doesn’t exist as you once knew it anyway.

What we have today is a buying process.

As sales and marketing professionals, we may still define sales stages, generate leads, cold call, and work prospects through our pipelines and processes.  But make no mistake, the buyer is in charge. 

They’ve always been in charge of how and when they buy, but in a 2.0 world with unprecedented access to other buyers, peer reviews, competitive information and more, your sales process needs to be completely buyer-centric.

The right prospects for your product or service want to buy what you’re selling.  They need it.  The easier you make it for them to discover, learn, research and decide on their own, the more buyers you’ll win to your side.

You’re not selling.  You’re helping customers to buy.