Take the Buzz Challenge!


I’m a huge fan of Ron McDaniel and the work he’s doing at Buzzoodle, so I’m happily taking his Buzz Challenge. As featured in his new book, Ron’s challenging all marketers and business owners to accelerate the growth of their business by creating more buzz.

The list below is a fantastically diverse set of tasks, all of which can help you generate buzz. Some will take just a couple seconds, others a little longer. Some will be easy, others will take you out of your comfort zone. I can already see a few tasks I’m not comfortable with, but will push through and do them anyway.

An interesting side-exercise is to determine how many of these tasks you’ve already completed, or already make a part of your regular routine. How good of a job do you already do at creating buzz for your product or your business?

Below is Ron’s Buzz Challenge list. As I complete each task, I’ll cross it off below. Click here to get a clean copy for your own Challenge!

Email an Old Friend or Acquaintance
Contact a Stale Connection
Email Extended Family
Call Someone You Have Never Talked To
Congratulations Call or Note
Send a Surprise Letter
Any Day Card
Mail a News Clipping
Social Networking
Online Directory
Squidoo Expert Lens
Tag Your Website or Blog
Blog/Message Board Comment
Join/Participate in an Online Group
Talk to a New Person in Person
Contact a Reporter or Writer
Contact an Old Employer/Employee
Customer Follow-up
Call/Email a Person You Respect
Mini Announcements
Digg Your Site
Flickr Fun
Personal Success Email List
Did You Know? – Trivia
Instant Messaging
Text Messaging
Email a Useful Link to Someone
Celebrate Success
Write a Blog
Have a “Get To Know You” Meal
Host a Dinner Party
Arrange a Networking Lunch
Publish an Article
Meet More Neighbors
Send a Press Release
Give a Speech
Online Interview/Podcast
Conduct a Survey
Local Government Involvement
Open House
Interview a Leader
Meet Business Neighbors
eNewsletter or Newsletter
Produce an eBook
Nominate an Organization
Challenge a Coworker to a Buzz-Off
Podcast Show
Host a Seminar or Training Session
Unexpected Booth
Organize a Group
Become a Board Member
Conduct a Focus Group/Roundtable
Conduct a Customer Contest
Organize a Charitable Event