That’s the best you could do?


Self-promotion really isn’t my thing. That was on display big-time last night.

The Seattle Direct Marketing Association held their season-end networking night in Seattle, and asked if I would donate a few copies of my new book as door prizes. Great opportunity, right?

The SDMA president even asked me to join her in front of the crowd to pick the winners. Before we picked winners, she asked me to say something about the book.

That’s where everything went wrong. Instead of giving an elevator pitch, making the book sound interesting, telling people where they can buy a copy, I said the following:

“Uh, I wrote a book!”

So, at least for now, I’m officially the worst book promoter of all time. But please, don’t take pity on me (unless, of course, you want to buy a copy of the book to demonstrate said pity, then it’s fine. See, I’m getting better already!)