The 2018 State of Revenue Marketing Report


By Brian Hansford, VP of Performance Management at Heinz Marketing

Heinz Marketing and CaliberMind have partnered to deliver the “2018 State of Revenue Marketing” report. We surveyed over 200 B2B marketing leaders in the United States to explore how the best marketers think about, measure, report on, and operationalize revenue marketing using data, analytics, and automation to meet their company revenue goals.

Throughout this report, Revenue Marketers are defined as those who are accountable for 30% or more of actual revenue and bookings and are ‘highly confident’ in hitting their revenue goal.

The results identify three benchmarked levels of marketers:

  • 33% are Activity Marketers – Not accountable for revenue, focused almost purely on activity and lead generation
  • 45% are Pipeline Marketers – Accountable for pipeline or sourced revenue, but lacking confidence in their abilities to achieve the goal
  • 22% are Revenue Marketers – Accountable for 30% or more of actual revenue bookings and are highly confident in hitting their goal

Our report has 5 big takeaways

  1. Revenue accountability continues to grow, but B2B marketers struggle to hit revenue goals
  2. Effective revenue marketing is hindered by poorly defined sales process, manual reporting, siloed tech and data
  3. Top performing marketers use historical reporting and analytics to help forecast future performance
  4. Marketing Operations is increasingly strategic and critical for effective revenue marketing
  5. Revenue marketers embrace martech integration, centralized data, and workflow automation

Notable Results – How Do You Compare?

Want to see how you compare to B2B Revenue Marketers? Think about some of these findings:

  • Revenue Marketers are 2.4x more likely to forecast revenue performance compared to Pipeline Marketers
  • Revenue Marketers spend 2 days a month on average, pulling data and preparing reports, compared to 5 days a month on average for Pipeline Marketers
  • Revenue Marketers are 2.5x more likely to have a clearly defined and documented revenue cycle
  • Revenue Marketers are 3.2x more likely to measure sales pipeline velocity than Activity Marketers
  • 53% of marketers can’t measure or are unsure of their ROI
  • Only 34% of marketers provide the data and analysis the C-suite expects
  • Revenue Marketers are 3.2x more likely to use marketing attribution technologies, compared to Pipeline Marketers
  • Revenue Marketers are 1.6x more likely to use Account-Based Marketing processes and technology than Pipeline Marketers

Download your own copy of 2018 State of Revenue Marketing from CaliberMind’s website.