The critical interview questions you might be missing


If your organization isn’t authentically focused on living its values on a daily basis, then these questions may become less important.  But if core values are at the heart of how you manage your business, are you embedding questions about those values in your new hire interviews?

Left to our own devices and without guidance, many times our interviews focus purely on the work – including experience, instincts, capabilities, etc.  All important stuff of course.  Results and performance are of course paramount.

But how did those same people make their decisions?  What set of internal, inherent values drive their decision-making and actions, and how do those values align with those of your organization?

If you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to develop a set of questions that help you test and assess a candidate’s alignment and commitment to the values both you and they claim to support.  Core values are easy to endorse on the good days, more difficult to remain consistent with amidst the hustle, chaos and stress of execution.  When the going gets tough, will these interviewees remain steadfast in their support of your values?

It’s one thing to get the work done, another thing entirely to do it the right way.  For many roles and positions, the work can be taught.  But values are inherent.

For my business at least, our values are the bedrock of what we do and how we do it.  I need to know that our great people at all levels are operating, responding and acting in a way that’s consistent with those values.

This goes beyond interviews as well, of course.  When’s the last time you asked a reference check about a candidate’s moral compass?