The Me2Revolution @ Edelman


I had the pleasure of attending a breakfast meeting with Steve Rubel this morning at Edelman’s Seattle office. Steve is the author of the MicroPersuasion blog, and is regarded as one of the most insightful, well-read marketing bloggers online right now. Steve joined Edelman in February after a distinguished run at CooperKatz, and has brough with him a fresh look at how social networking (he calls it the “Me2Revolution“) is changing the face of marketing.

Steve presented his ideas about social networking, the power of individual consumers amplifying their opinions to the masses, and the huge opportunity for brands to harness this phenomena to communicate brand messages in a very personal, meaningful and powerful way.

I’ve heard many PR firms talk about word-of-mouth lately, but it’s exciting to see a firm really get it. The mainstream media aren’t going away anytime soon, but citizen journalists are increasingly powerful in their infleunce and their reach. Steve understands this better than anyone, and is championing several exciting initiatives within Edelman that will help clients accelerate and amplify their messages direct to the customers and prospects they care about most.