The Ultimate Guide for B2B Marketers Managing Sales Teams


By William Tyree, CMO of RingDNA

One of my favorite quotes about the state of marketing comes from Jason Lemkin’s insightful rant about corporate marketers. If you don’t hire a marketer skilled in demand gen, he writes, you’ll simply “end up with a bunch of blue pens with your logo on them.”

The best marketers, he insists, work alongside sales to create a steady, growing stream of leads each month.

Truer words were never spoken, and that’s just in cases where you have more or less traditional division of sales and marketing roles. But increasingly, those lines are blurred. The marketing technology stack is evolving to focus further on sales enablement through more powerful lead qualification, and also content delivery tracking from sales reps.

A second development is just how many sales reps report to marketing. While about 24% of sales reps report to marketing overall, nearly half of those tasked exclusively with inbound lead qualification do, according to Bridge Group.

For all these reasons, marketers simply need to do more to understand how sales teams work, and what they need. For those reasons, we partnered with Heinz Marketing to deliver the ultimate guide for marketers managing sales teams.

Whether you’re currently leading an inbound sales team, or simply want to learn how the best B2B marketers are helping sales reps succeed, our latest eBook is a must-read.


  • 7 key attributes of top sales managers
  • New ideas on lead scoring and prioritization
  • The most vital sales metrics for inbound marketers
  • Tips for inbound call distribution
  • How to support sales reps with content through every buying stage
  • A glossary of essential inside sales terms

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