The World’s Greatest Ice Breaker


I’m still catching up on reading from my week off in late February, but just read Seth Godin’s short riff on the value of name tags.

I couldn’t agree with him more. How often do you attend a function locally or a conference across the country where you literally don’t know anyone? Your job is to mingle and meet people, which is often hard enough as it is.
When attendees are wearing name tags, ideally with at least their first name but maybe with some other identifying information (where they’re from, the company they work for, maybe also something like a favorite hobby or musical group), getting a conversation going is much easier.
If you organize conferences and events for a living, the simple name tag could be one of your most important tools to impact attendee satisfaction, and intent to sign up for the next event.
Think about it. Many people attend events and conferences to learn from the core subject matter, but also to network with other attendees and learn from their peers.
If you can facilitate more active networking simply by producing remarkable name tags, you’ll directly impact the value and volume of information attendees take away with them.