Thousands of little Circuits…


I’ve spoken recently with marketing executives and agencies who can’t see that press and blogs are basically the same. Yes, your contact who writes for the Circuits section of the New York Times probably has a higher readership than most blogs. But that’s an extreme example, and ignores the fact that for every Circuits section there are literally hundreds of well-written blogs out there with good readership.

Are you taking blogs seriously? Are you regularly monitoring what is said about your company, your brands, your executives on other blogs? When you or your PR agency publishes a set of coverage for a product launch, or for your brand during a period of time, do they include blog coverage as well?

To many old-school marketing and PR types, blogs are still mysterious and still scary. But they need not be either. Treat them as another of the growing voices available to publishers (professional and citizen) and to media consumers who are actively listening to commentary about your brands. Then figure out how you can reactively and proactively harness this powerful new channel to your advantage.