The three biggest questions facing B2B CMOs into 2018


If the Starbucks cups are turning red, you know the New Year isn’t too far away.  Many of our clients are deep into 2018 planning now, and at a leadership level the same three questions seem to be coming up again and again to guide focus, strategy and resources moving forward:

  1. How do I better measure and manage marketing’s revenue impact? In other words, what strategies and organizational systems need to be in place to give us better clarity on what’s working, what to do next, what to do more of, etc.
  2. How can we increase confidence and consistency in our sales pipeline contribution? CMOs we talk to are seeking sustainable, repeatable programs that deliver qualified opportunities month after month, efficiently and at scale.  Random acts of marketing and “growth hacking” are fine for testing, but are not sufficient to scale and repeat results.
  3. How do we sustain attention and engagement with our most important customers and prospects? We know that multichannel, integrated programs work best but also require precise content for each role and buying stage.  What programs will help us stand out?  What approaches will give us the most leverage and results?

Are one or more of these questions on your mind lately as well? What other critical questions are guiding your thinking, planning and focus into 2018?