Three Questions about Productivity


Mark at Productivity501 asks three very important questions, and challenges others to provide answers.

Click on the question below and you’ll see how several prominent productivity experts answered. Then see my personal answer below:

What is the single biggest way people waste time without even realizing it?

Not knowing what your top priorities are. If you established a top five and “first of five” every single day (I’m talking work days primarily, but this would work on weekends too!), then you could manage everything else accordingly. You would know that you can leave your email alone, for example, because it can’t be more important than your “first of five” priority.

What change has made the most difference in making you effective in life?

Getting up early. I wake up at 5:30 a.m. every weekday morning now, and it’s had an incredible impact on my energy and productivity throughout the rest of the day.

If someone were to read just one post from your site, which would you recommend the read and why?

Here’s one of my favorite recent posts about Cooks in the Kitchen. It identifies a key problem that almost every professional has, with tips on how to get stuff done in spite of it. I think it’s a good example of the kind of topics I like to write about, with practical advice that anyone can follow.