Three tips for giving successful sales presentations


Great question, and some great answers, on this topic on today.  Here are my three:

1. Establish & confirm expectations up front. There’s nothing worse than a sales rep diving into a presentation without setting the stage, and ensuring the prospect is there for the same reason. Make sure you’re both clear on what you want to discuss, and what you want out of the presentation.

2. Get them talking early. Don’t talk for 90 percent of the time and give them a couple minutes at the end to ask questions. Get them talking early – about their objectives, their needs, their current pain. Get them engaged in the presentation early, and it’ll make them feel a part of discovering the solution.

3. Show, don’t tell. Don’t just describe what you can do it. Show it! Give examples of success stories from other clients, demonstrate the path from solution to outcome. Help your prospect visualize success.

What are your three?