My three words for 2015


Chris Brogan started this trend a few years ago, and others (including Anthony Iannarino on his outstanding sales blog) have followed suit.  I gave it a shot a couple years ago, and wanted to share three words that are guiding my business, professional and personal pursuits in 2015 as well.

Obviously this includes the business making money, which includes initiatives around how we manage our sales pipeline, our financials, our customer relationships and more.  But more broadly, I think about how we create “profits” from every interaction people have with us, and with me.  How can we help our clients profit more from working with us?  How do we ensure readers of this blog profit from each interaction?  Can we create profitable moments for prospects even in our first conversation?  That broader definition of profit is what I’m really after (when we do that, the rest tends to take care of itself).

What perspective does the other side bring?  What motivations, circumstances, problems and other variables impact their current state, current situation, and/or current need?  Being cognizant of that context is critical to creating value.  Oftentimes it’s simply a matter of having understanding and empathy for the other side’s situation, and responding with something that improves their situation or outlook.  It’s easy to get defensive, selfish or one-sided in any relationship or interaction.  But I believe empathy unlocks the ability to create significant value (and profit) on both sides.

My wife would give you one explanation of what this word means (or rather, what it implies I’m working on in 2015). But my team will give you another.  And they’re both right.  Balance at work means delivering high levels of value for our clients, while also investing proactively in the development of our employees, growth of our sales pipeline, and investment in the infrastructure that allows us to grow.  It includes balancing our plan for 2015 with identifying and following serendipitous opportunity.  Balance in my life means reinvesting in my health, personal relationships and interests that re-energize me for the work day or work week ahead.

Curious to hear what your three words would be (or are) for 2015 as well.