The Toddler Approach to Successful Marketing


We sometimes assume (wrongly) that more choices are good.  Not true.

The more choices you give people, the more likely they will overthink the decision.  Spend too much time comparison shopping.  Get intimidated or frustrated or bored.

And when that happens, they usually make no decision at all.

Kinda like a toddler.

Every parent knows that you don’t offer your kids six types of cereal in the morning when they’re tired and frustrated and cranky. You offer two.

Not one.  Then you’re deciding for them, and that’s just as frustrating.  Choosing between two options gives the kid power, but also helps them make a decision faster.

Kinda like your prospect.

This works in a variety of situations.  Pricing pages.  Trial offers.  Payment options.  Landing pages.  Emails.  Home page layout.

Give your prospects and customers a choice, but limit the options to two or three.

Toddlers and prospects.  Oh the analogies…


PS – If you’re a parent raising young kids, I also highly recommend the book Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child.

Well worth the full read, but here’s the gist: be empathetic.  Take the time to empathize and in most cases you diffuse the situation, plus teach your kid that their emotions are valid which also teaches them how to self-control emotions over time.

Come to think of it, empathy works with prospects too…