Treat your resolutions like a boss


Most of our New Year’s Resolutions fade away by mid to late January. We don’t stay focused, and ultimately give up and/or go back to our bad habits. By February 1st, we can’t even remember where we left the list.

But what if you thought of your New Year’s Resolutions like a boss? What if you had a weekly 1:1 meeting with your Resolutions to keep you accountable?

If you want your resolutions this year to stick, make an appointment with yourself every week and do a progress report. All you need is 10-15 minutes, maybe less, but put it on the calendar. Do it on a Sunday night or Monday morning, so that you have the entire week in front of you to get rolling and/or recommitted.

This way, those resolutions you cared so much about on January 1st will stare you in the face again, week after week, until you address and accomplish them. Even if you temporarily fall off the wagon, these weekly touch-base meetings with yourself are an excellent opportunity to readdress, recalibrate and stay on track.

It’s a simple, fast, effective way to stay focused.