Turn it all off, take advantage of this annual gift


With all due respect to Christmas and the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday.

A four-day weekend.  Family.  Football.  Great food.  Football.  Family.

I literally look forward to Thanksgiving weekend all year long.  And far too often, I actively work or think about work or sneak away to work amidst it.

Then Sunday night, and Monday morning, everything starts again.  And what could have been a great mini-vacation has vanished again.

There’s little if anything that needs to be done over the next four days that can’t be done today, or next week.  Fro most of us, we’re in jobs & industries where most others will be taking the time off as well.

My advice is simple – take advantage of this gift.  In a few hours, put work aside and enjoy time with family, with friends, and even by yourself.  Binge watch some shows, enjoy a cup of coffee and do nothing, sleep in.

This only happens once a year.  All your stresses and objectives will be waiting for you on Monday.