Tweet your religion


Twitter, at its core, is about sharing ideas. It’s about capturing those ideas in real-time and sharing not only with friends & family, but with anyone else in the Twittersphere that cares about the same thing.

That’s part of what makes the idea of Twittering at church so compelling. This church in North Carolina, for example, encouraged its members to Twitter throughout the Easter morning sermon.

For the individual who is inspired by what he/she hears, the opportunity to share that message immediately (fulfilling the call to evangelism that most religions preach) is almost as important as the church’s own interest in having its message shared with a much broader audience (not to mention free advertising for the church itself by current, passionate members).

Many businesses are trying to figure out what their Twitter strategy is right now. But if you think about your customers, who they influence, and how that aligns with your own business and messages/objectives, that Twitter strategy may become more obvious than you think.