Updated lead follow-up disposition sequence (template)


We believe strongly in having a tightly-developed, consistent set of lead follow-up activity from either sales development, inside or field sales reps.  How you define which leads get followed up is a separate question, but once leads are delivered to sales, they require speedy and lengthy follow-up.

Based on tons of research, even inbound leads require several attempts before converting them to a nurture sequence.  One call isn’t enough, but 18 calls is too many.  The current research appears to land around 10-12 touches spread across multiple channels.

We have previously published lead disposition sequences that reflect a focus on email and phone/voicemail.  But we’re seeing a higher level of awareness-building as well as responses when social channels are integrated as well.  This includes sending some emails via LinkedIn InMail, and engaging with prospects via Twitter as well.

Below is a sample disposition sequence reflecting this more diversified channel approach.  It’s not complicated, but does require a high level of discipline and organization to execute consistently.