Using PR as a Direct Response Tool


Savvy marketers already know that public relations can be one of the most effective, leveraged marketing and brand-building tools available. For very little relative budget, public relations can get the word out to vast & targeted audiences, in a highly credible context.

But most marketers don’t think about PR as a direct response tool. With focus and discipline, public relations can be leveraged and measured as a tool that directly drives traffic, business and sales.

I wrote more about this today for iMedia, based in part on a recent study by Delahaye that looked at how executives across the country value various PR measurement tools. According to the survey, direct sales as a result of PR was seen as exceedingly meaningful, but not particularly reasonable as an expectation of PR.

I don’t buy it, and believe we absolutely should have an expectation that PR can directly lead to sales and/or customer activity in a meaningful and measurable way.