Virtual Product Placements = Better Marketing, More Revenue


If they can do it in the movies, they can certainly do it on television. Product placements have been going on for years now, but adding products to television programs in post-production is quite interesting. If the product wasn’t actually part of the actual shoot, it now enables:

Products can appear for a period of time. For example, a license for a product to appear in that placement for a period of time, i.e. for another product to appear in reruns or in syndication. Coca Cola might pay for the “first run” placement, but they might be outbid for the syndication rights. That’s nice, incremental revenue for the production studio.
Products can change over time. For example, a bottle of Bud Light virtually placed last year could be replaced with a bottle of Budweiser Select this year.
Products could change based on the audience. East Coast viewers could see a bottle of Helleman’s Mayonaise, but West Coast viewers could see Best Foods.

Very interesting…