Want more business? Stop asking for money


You don’t get business by asking for money. You get business by doing work.

Prospects will ask you questions. They’ll ask for your time, for your advice, even for a little of your intellectual capital.

Most people want to get paid for that. And you do too. But if you ask for money first, you likely won’t get the work OR the money.

Four weeks ago a past client asked for advice on some list development strategies with a new company he’s working with. We not only gave him some ideas, but did some of the leg work for his team. I could have asked him to pay us for it, but it wasn’t a lot of work and he was in a pinch. We just did the work.

That little bit of work turned into a meaty Q2 project for us.

Another past client wanted help with an ad concept honoring an employee who had won a prestigious award. We ended up writing a new creative brief and concept for the ad. Didn’t ask for money first, just did the work.

That client continues to bring us in on projects, and has been one of our longest & most loyal clients over the past four years.

If you bring up money every time someone wants you to do work, it’ll get old quick. Just start doing the work. If you’re focused on the right clients and prospects – those you trust, those who trust you, those who reflect your values – the money will come. In fact, ironically, more of it will come the less you ask.