What 14 experts think the sales & marketing funnel looks like


What happens when you ask 14 sales & marketing experts to explain their version of an effective B2B sales & marketing funnel? This happens.

I was proud to be asked to participate (see page 11), but it was far more valuable to see how our peers view the same problem from a different perspective. I guarantee you’ll find some value in this download for your business.

You’ll notice in many of these interpretations the inherent idea that what we’re managing may no longer be a funnel. I particularly like Mike Damphousse’s diagram of the “Demand Gen Cloud,” which both figuratively and literally means our prospects come to us from all sides, on their timeline, and not necessarily in an organized, step-by-step, funnel manner.

I was also proud to see so many funnels continue after the first sale. In most of our businesses, the biggest sales opportunity happens after the sale – with repeat purchases, renewals, referrals and more.

Special thanks to Craig Rosenberg, Sarah Miller and the Focus team for getting this published. Get your copy here.