What a Rebound Kick-Off agenda might look like


Hunkering down is over.

Sure, many of us might still be working from home for awhile longer.  But our businesses are re-emerging with pivots big and small to drive resurgence and growth into the rest of 2020.

What may have started as day-to-day decisions four weeks ago has now coalesced into a company-wide strategy.  For example, we have several clients in board meetings this week discussing and confirming their path forward – with broad product, customer, marketing and sales implications.

Launching these new directions right now, however, is complicated.  Getting everyone together in person to generate the usual energy is off the table.  A company-wide, long email from the CEO isn’t going to cut it.

Time for your Rebound Kick-Off.

This has, of course, been in the sales team’s playbook for a very long time.  At the start of a new selling season, get the sales team together to reiterate objectives, approach, teamwork and pending rewards.  Lately other customer-facing teams have gotten involved as well, rebranding these events as Sales & Marketing Kick-Off (SMKO) or Revenue Kick-Off (RKO).

The current moment and opportunity calls for something bigger.  What if you got the entire organization together to formally kick off your Rebound?  What would that agenda look like?

Here’s a possible progression:

  • Soberly address the moment and past few weeks: Express authentic candor and empathy, acknowledge the adversity and losses directly
  • Share perspectives from past crises: Perhaps ask management team or board members to talk about what it was like in 2008, after 9/11, individual industry downturns or during/after past difficult periods
  • Provide a market/industry update and assessment of what’s to come: Perhaps ask an analyst or outside expert to share their outlook
  • Review what’s already in progress and has been done: Take stock, and credit, for all of the shifts, initiatives and efforts that have helped over the past few weeks (internally and externally)
  • Overview of the corporate rebound strategy: Interactive presentation from the CEO on the rebound vision, key pivots, early evidence that it’s correct and/or working)
  • Overview of each department’s role & responsibility: Short presentations by each department head on their plans
  • Call to Action: What can each individual employee do to help achieve this, short and long term?
  • Department Hackathons: Go into Zoom breakout rooms by department or smaller employee teams to discuss how to further operationalize the new direction and strategy
  • Hackathon Presentations: Have a handful of teams present their ideas, energy and action plans
  • Reiterate opportunity, optimism for the path ahead: Feature employees from all levels of the organization sharing their energy and enthusiasm for new opportunities
  • Surprise final guest: Hire a stand-up comic, a short musical act, something to end the meeting on a high note

Getting your new strategy and rebound plan developed and approved is a monumental task, and I’m sure after that board meeting you’re emotionally and likely physically drained.  Don’t miss this important step and opportunity to ensure the entire organization is not just up to speed but excited, motivated and engaged at all levels for the successful rebound ahead.