What if you spent your marketing budget on your customers?


I bet most of your marketing budget goes to media. Or trade shows. Or consultants. Or any of a number of additional channels.

All fine and good. But how much of your budget are you spending on your customers, directly? How actively are you courting, tapping into, motivating or driving activity directly through your existing customers to reach new customers?

This can take a lot of different formats. A customer listening tour. Customer training events. Referral incentives. Product samples for them to distribute to their friends and networks. Unexpected features. Better customer service. Proactive account management.

The right mix depends on your customers, your product, your market, and the relationships your customers may have with your prospects.

But I’d argue that your most lucrative marketing channel, the opportunity with the most untapped potential, isn’t at the next trade show or direct mail run.

Do right by your customers, invest more in making them happy, and others will want to join them.