What Pokemon Go means for B2B sales & marketing


It’s highly likely either you or someone you know is obsessed with Pokemon Go right now.  Amidst the fun and fervor is also, surprisingly, something that will likely flood the world of B2B sales and marketing in the coming years.

Pokemon Go is an example of augmented reality, meaning you stay in your current environment and experience things that, well, aren’t there.  This is of course different from virtual reality, which transports you to another place entirely (usually via a headset).

Great sellers today focus less on the drill and more on the hole, less on the product and more on the outcome it enables.

Sellers today must do that with words, visuals and other selling tools that help prospects envision in their own mind what that outcome might be.

Virtual and augmented reality allow us as sellers to put prospects right there.  They can see the building you want to create for them, they can see exactly what the view will be from their new season tickets.

Wonder what that new expensive booth might look like in the midst of Moscone Center?  Virtual reality can show you if you’re across the country, augmented reality can show you if you’re on site (even if the convention hall is completely empty).

I believe the possibilities for augmented and virtual reality are limitless.  It’ll be fun to watch how something like Pokemon Go breeds and inspires new thinking along this front in the months and years to come.