What’s your B2B “mobile first” strategy?


mobileThis is an area where the B2C marketers are clearly taking the lead.  The consumer-driven marketers we work with have spent most of the past year designing user experiences & Web sites first with the mobile experience in mind – smartphones and tablets primarily.  We’re all still using full desktop/laptop screens, but increasingly a higher percentage of our digital experiences are on smaller screens.

Your B2B prospects aren’t much different, yet too often mobile strategy is an afterthought.  How would you change that moving forward?  For example:

  • When prospects read your blog on their smartphone, how does it look?  Do your calls to action show up?
  • What about landing pages?  How easy do you make it for prospects to respond via their smartphone or tablet?  Think fewer fields, social sign-on and more
  • Does the demo work when bandwidth is low?
  • How long does it take to download that white paper?  Will your prospects think twice before “burning” some of their monthly bandwidth allotment to get your asset?
  • Are your reading materials optimized for e-readers?  Do you make it easy to convert and save your white papers into a Kindle format?
  • How easy is it for your field sales team to receive, respond to and triage new leads while on the go?

Consider as well the specific experience your buyer has.  How and when do they use mobile devices in a business context?  What’s your specific buyer-centric sales process, and how would you better leverage mobile to facilitate and catalyze each stage?

Worth thinking about as you execute into the New Year.