What’s Your Brand Quotient?


Kudos to Sandra Sellani for not only showing us what’s most important in building a brand, but also teaching us how brand-building isn’t about fancy logos and expensive ad campaigns. It’s about creating something unique, consistent and remarkable.

Through the idea of a Brand Quotient, Sandra walks her readers step-by-step through how great brands are made, sustained and grown profitably.

Some of her suggestions include:

1. What’s your story? Having a memorable story can keep your brand in prospects’ minds. To find your story, list all of the ways you’re different from your competitors. Ask yourself: What am I doing that’s so unique? Who are my clients? Why do people use my services? Use your responses as the basis for all of your marketing materials, from your Web site to your listing presentation materials.

2. Focus your message. Summarize your story in one line — a catchy word or phrase — to provide clarity and gain immediate recognition. But before you debut your new message, hold a focus group to gather input. Be sure to have someone else moderate the focus group so you’ll receive honest feedback. Once you’ve considered outsiders’ opinions and tweaked the message, you’re ready to use your tagline or slogan everywhere.

3. Be consistent. Don’t change your tagline or marketing message because you’re bored with it. Remember, repetition cuts through clutter.

Pick up a copy here to read more. Great stuff.