What’s your late-summer BHAG?


It’s mid-August. Many of your colleagues are either on vacation, or slacking off. It’s warm, there are fewer people in the office to keep you accountable, and many significant projects are on hold until after Labor Day when your peers and/or customers get back to business.

If this sounds familiar, you probably have two maybe three weeks left until things get busy again.

So what’s your late-summer BHAG?

For those that remember, BHAG stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal. It’s traditionally meant to be a very long-term goal (call it a vision) that aligns you and your organization towards a common, long-distance star that spells ultimate success. Bill Gates’ goal of a computer in every home and on every desk? When he first spoke it, it was a crazy goal. Not it’s very close to reality.

You, on the other hand, have just three weeks. But think about the set of back-burner projects you know can mean significant growth, revenue or opportunity if you only had a few more hours to focus on it. Why not now? Why not carve out a couple hours a day for the next three weeks to make it happen?

Choose something you can realistically but aggressively achieve in three weeks, and go for it.