Who are you selling to?


In our increasingly complex world, identifying your customer isn’t as straightforward as many assume it to be.

Your customer, for example, may not actually use your product. They may not even really care about your product.

Let’s assume for simplicity’s sake that customers come in three categories:

1) the user
2) the buyer
3) the influencer

All three exist, in nearly every product and service available in the market today. But do you have a strategy for how to reach and mobilize each group? Do you know how to identify each customer individually?

This is all about relationships and leverage, and knowing your customers intimately. Getting to that level of insight, and knowing how to leverage the complex relationships your customers have amongst each other, is a critically important element of marketing strategy.

And if you haven’t thought about it this way before, you might find that it immediately opens up new opportunities within your business for growth and market share.