Mad Libs are back, Dreamforce style! #DF15


It’s just about time for Dreamforce 2015.

There will be endless sessions to watch, lots of exhibitors to see and much networking to do.  And don’t forget about the parties that will run into the early hours of the morning. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of guides, e-books, checklists, and the like about how to do Dreamforce right.

So, let’s avoid all the talk and have a little pre-Dreamforce fun. We’re going back to our younger days and giving you a Mad Lib to fill out either now at your desk, on your flight to SFO or even while sitting in a session if you’re starting to lose it…

There’s even a prize involved! But, the prize is only possible if you share with us your Mad Lib answers.

The Way to Win:

Submit your answers for the Mad Lib below by following this link. You can submit all the way up until the end of Dreamforce on Friday, September 18. The following Monday, we’ll take all of the submissions and randomly pick a winner.

The lucky winner gets a $50 Amazon gift card.

So, put your Dreamforce thinking cap on and start Mad Libbing.


This week, I’ll be at Dreamforce 2015 with my company, ___________ (company name). I’m traveling from _________________ (city) by _____________ (mode of transportation) to get here.  I’m coming to Dreamforce because I want to ___________________ (verb). I would describe myself at Dreamforce as a(n) ____________________ (noun).

My first impression of Dreamforce 2015 and Moscone Center is most likely going to be ________________ (adjective). San Francisco as a city is ___________________ (adjective) anyway…

There are a lot of sessions I want to see, but my top three that I am most excited for are ___________________ (session name), __________________ (session name) and __________________ (session name).

I basically came this week though to listen to _______________ (speaker name). I mean I did register on _______________ (date) which is ___________ (number) days ago.

If I had to pick one speaker I think will drop the most jokes during their talk, it’d have to be _______________ (speaker name). And, that’s partially because their session is all about _________________ (session topic).

In all honesty, I am really shocked ____________________ (speaker name) will be speaking at Dreamforce 2015. I usually think of him or her as more ________________ (adjective) and not the Dreamforce, ______________________ (adjective) like me…

But, between you and me, I’m not embarrassed to admit it, I __________________ (adjective) the Foo Fighters. They ________________ (your favorite colloquialism)!! Next year, I hope ________________ (band name) is the headline.


Ready, set…Dreamforce!