Why I want to be on your mailing list


I’m the crazy guy that likes to get more email.  I want to sign up for as many Webinars as I can (even if I can’t attend them all).  I want you to put me on your mailing list.

Why?  I want to learn from you.  What you’re doing, why you’re doing it.  I want to see what new ideas you have in your campaigns – your copy, your offers, your channels. 

Some of it is spam, and I learn from that.  Some of it is completely irrelevant to me, my family or my business.  I learn from that too.

By watching what you do well and what you do wrong, I’m learning what to incorporate and test next in my own campaigns (for myself and for our clients).

It’s a daily feed of real-time case studies.  As long as I can filter and sort through it quickly, it’s an incredibly valuable way to see and learn what others are doing right now to market and sell their own products & services.