Why the trade show wasn’t worth it


Exactly one week ago, the Seattle Chamber of Commerce Trade Show ended. We had a booth, and I was actually impressed with the quality of attendees. Some great conversations with potential clients, partners, etc. Already a measurable impact on awareness and sales pipeline for us.

Around our booth were approximately 50 other booths, filled with organizations that spent at least as much as we did to be there, put up a booth, staff it, pay for a giveaway, and collect business cards. I made a point of visiting each one – either talking with booth staff and exchanging business cards, or simply dropping my card in their fishbowl for whatever they were giving away.

It’s been one week. 50 exhibitors. How many of them do you think have followed up with me at all?


If you’re wondering why the trade show didn’t feel like it was worth it, and you’re still waiting for attendees to come beating down your door, you’re doing it wrong.