Why you can’t hire anyone to write your elevator pitch


There are plenty of expensive consultants you can hire to help with your elevator pitch.  And make no mistake, a great elevator pitch (short, crisp, value/benefit-focused) is critical to opening numerous doors and opportunities for growth.

But consultants can’t write it for you.  I can’t write it for you.  There’s no way you can successfully outsource something this important.

Not because outsiders can’t help.  They just don’t know your business, your customers and your industry the way you do.  For your business, like it or not, you’re the key to writing a great elevator pitch.

What a good consultant can do is unlock the elevator pitch within you.  You need someone to help you ask (and answer) the right questions, question your biases, and second-guess your assumptions.  Through a process of discovery, where the answers come from you, an outsider can help you edit and rebuild your elevator pitch so that it immediately engages new contacts and leaves them wanting more.