Win Free Customers Tip #3: Freebies


This is the third in a series of recommendations for winning more customers for your business for FREE, largely using the resources you already have.

This tip focuses on freebies.

Everybody loves free stuff, especially if it’s directly tied to something we are passionate about. Freebies can be used to entice a prospective customer to take a next step, take a test drive, or learn more about your business.

Freebies can also be used to build tighter relationships with your current customers, and give those customers reason to reach out to new prospective customers on your behalf (by giving them a copy of your freebie as well).

The best part of all? Freebies don’t have to cost you a thing! Sure, you can print your company’s logo, or even your photo and phone number, on just about anything these days. And if you match your business objective and target customers together with the right freebie, this can be a very successful strategy.

But knowing who your customers are, and what they want, will unlock your ability to brainstorm numerous different freebies – many of which will have a high perceived value to your customers, but not cost you a dime.

For example, you’re a real estate agent. You want to work with sellers, and demonstrate to prospective new customers that you have a lot to offer, are knowledgeable about the market, and can help them sell their home fast, and for the highest price.

Why not create a series of free “special reports” that prospective customers can download from your Web site, or find available across the Web? With your expertise and customer insight, you could easily create such special reports as:

• Top Five Ways to Get Top Dollar For Your Home
• Ten Home Improvement Products That Pay Off BIG When You Sell
• The Secrets To A FAST Home Sale

The list could go on and on. And the best part? Once you write up these special reports, hire a designer to make them look pretty for you, and publish them in an easy to read and downloadable PDF format, you can hand them out all day long – with no incremental cost to you!

It’s the kind of content that your target customers (people who want to sell their home) will love, and each special report features your name, photo and business contact information right on it.

These kinds of freebies are perfect for the Web, because they’re full of valuable information that efficiently connects with your customer, and they’re easily transferred to the customer.

Other freebie ideas for other businesses could include:

• Free recipe downloads from a bakery or restaurant
• Beauty tips from a new salon or massage shop
• A guide to choosing diamonds from a local jeweler

And don’t forget coupons. Some of the best freebies organically get your customers to come back for more. For example, if you’re a real estate agent, why not offer prospective customers a list of the 20 most sought-after features of homes in their neighborhood? Give them the first 10 as a freebie, and offer the other 10 (for free) when they call in or come visit your office.

Giving 10% off? Offering a free gift when they come to your retail location? Those count as freebies as well. If you understand your customer well enough, and know what motivates them, you can come up with freebie ideas all day long.

The Web is about content, but it’s also about standing out from the clutter. It’s about driving your audience to action. Freebies can become some of your most important content, and most valuable tools in driving more current and prospective customers from across the Web into your business.