You have plenty of time


If every week was a four-day workweek, I bet you’d still have plenty of time to get your job done.  How do I know this?  Because you’ll do it this week without a problem.

You’ll be in fewer meetings than a typical week.  You’ll get fewer emails (how many did you really have yesterday?).  You’ll have less time until Friday afternoon but you’ll still find a way (proactively or reactively) to get the right things done and go home Friday night without the walls falling down.

I bet you could get everything and more done this week with just the 32 hours you have if you focus.  And if you can do it this week, why not do it every week?

You’ll always have plenty of work for as many hours as you put into your job.  The trick is to figure out how to succeed with the right amount of time.  The clock doesn’t define that, and a 9-5 Monday through Friday schedule doesn’t define that.   The work defines that, but more importantly you define that. 

See if you can start some new good habits in this shortened week around prioritization, focus and results-oriented output.