You might as well give up


It’s the holidays so nobody is around or answering their phone.  Might as well not make prospecting calls until January.

It’s January and people are crazy busy starting the new year.  Bad time to call prospects or send emails.

It’s summer, everybody is on vacation.  Can’t sell now.

It’s Tuesday after a three-day weekend.  Everybody is catching up!  Can’t call prospects today.

It’s the week of Dreamforce! Nobody is around, why bother marketing anything to anybody?

It’s Monday morning, everyone is slammed.  It’s Friday afternoon, every has already left work.  It’s…..

Every single day there are excuses.  Many are valid, or at least have a kernel of truth behind them.

Of course, if you follow this road, you might as well give up.  Give up on your sales goals, your revenue objectives, your marketing plan, your company.

Selling is hard.  Earning your prospect’s attention is hard.  Sustaining that attention is even harder.

But if you want to be around to see the New Year, or summer, or those awesome three-day weekends, you’d better keep moving.