Your sales reps need bigger toys


Some of your best inside sales reps might need more motivation. I’m not talking about training or comp plan changes or pep talks. I’m talking about organic, intrinsic motivation to sell more and make more money.

For many sales professionals, this isn’t an issue. They have bills to pay, families to support, retirement accounts to fund. They’re motivated to earn as much commission each sales period as possible.

For others, especially younger reps, the motivation may be different. I’ve seen brilliant but young inside sales reps have a fantastic month, earn a ton of money, then mail it in for the next two months. It’s not because they couldn’t find and close prospects in those subsequent 60 days. It’s because they didn’t need the money.

They had what they needed to pay their rent, fund their lifestyle and do what they wanted beyond that first month of spending their commission. Only when the money started to run out did they get serious and start killing their quota again.

Whether you’re working with a younger inside sales team or a more diverse group, outside motivation, goals and dreams are important. The more you help your team envision the life they could lead, the toys they could buy, the more hungry they’ll be to earn the dollars to get it.

Even those young reps might not be thinking (yet) about buying a house. Or a boat. Or a newer car. But maybe they should. What if you helped them think bigger, and put photos of those investments in their office or cube as they work?

Whether those investments are serious or superficial, it doesn’t really matter. Motivation takes a whole lotta shapes.