You’re not in this alone


No matter where you work, you have a peer group of thousands at your service. Are you the only sales manager at your company? Don’t worry, there are hundreds others like you ready to help. Not sure how to build a new landing page for the next email campaign? Your peers (including several you didn’t know you had) are ready and waiting to help you.

All you have to do is ask.

Recently I’ve been trying to better understand the nuances of buyer behavior, and in particular what specific prospect responses (explicit or subtle) indicate near-term intent to move forward and purchase.

I posted a related question on LinkedIn Answers last week. I’ve since had 20 people respond with thoughtful responses, including some really insightful examples and ideas that have accelerated my own understanding of the idea and potential leverage for us and our clients.

It took me less than a minute to ask the question. And the community responded.

No matter where you work or what challenge you’re trying to solve, you’re not in this alone. Sure, there may be proprietary challenges you’re addressing that can’t entirely be shared. But I bet there are components that could be, which could help unlock your ability to solve the full problem.