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By Josh Baez, Client Engagement Manager at Heinz Marketing Last month, I talked about how to create an ideal customer profile. Today, I want to continue the conversation and talk about how to map the B2B buying committee. What is the B2B buying committee? The B2B buying committee is a group of people involved in … Continued

By Josh Baez, Client Engagement Manager at Heinz Marketing What is an ideal customer profile? Terminus says it best.  “An ideal customer profile (ICP) is a description of the company—not the individual buyer or end user—that is a perfect fit for your solution.” You can think of your ICP as a framework that highlights the … Continued

By Josh Baez, Engagement Manager at Heinz Marketing As B2B marketers, understanding our target audience is essential to every single thing twe do. Our audience influences the content we create, the messaging we write, the products we help bring to market — everything. And without a clear sense of who we’re targeting and why we’re … Continued

By Lauren Dichter, Marketing Coordinator for Heinz Marketing “Smiling and dialing” will always have a place in sales, but it only does so much. That’s why Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Heinz Marketing have teamed up to uncover what kind of sales strategies and technologies contribute to achieving desired revenue goals. To ensure we could report … Continued