Case Study: thecity


How Heinz Marketing became a catalyst for TheCity during a period of aggressive organizational growth


Mike Andrews is a senior sales and marketing executive with over 22 years of experience in high technology, primarily with web software organizations. Mike began his career at IBM where he spent nine years in various sales roles. He was then recruited to WRQ, an infrastructure software provider, as a Regional Sales Manager, leading a sales team to consistently exceed its revenue objectives. Over the following ten years Mike served as a Vice President of Sales for three venture capital-backed software companies, including House Values, Inc., and Verdiem Corp. Mike has a demonstrated track record of building teams, exceeding objectives and leading high growth, early stage companies. Mike is currently an elder at University Presbyterian Church in Seattle and also serves on the board of directors of Teleios Ministries.

Describe your business and what you do?

I ran the customer facing functions for The City. The City is a web-based software platform for churches owned by Zondervan, part of News Corporation.

What objective did you have in mind that led you to seek outside help and Heinz Marketing specifically?

We needed help with our strategic marketing and campaign execution support. I have known Matt for 10+ years and, having worked with him previously, he had a proven ability to do great work on a marketing strategy level and then executing against that strategy. I chose Heinz Marketing because I trust Matt and his team and I knew quality of work and value they deliver.

What specifically did Heinz Marketing focus on for your business?

Matt and his team basically served as our marketing department in a time of internal turnover. They worked on a broad range of marketing activities for us – from lead generation to PR and sales tools to thought leadership.

What impact did Heinz Marketing have on your business?

We experienced aggressive growth in sales and I can point to Matt and his team as a catalyst for that growth through their marketing efforts.

Where did Heinz Marketing surprise you in the value & insights provided?

Matt is always thinking ahead and looking at the opportunity beyond what’s immediately in front of us. He thinks about the business strategically and then executes.

What was it like to work with Heinz Marketing?

Our relationship was based on trust – I know if there’s something I need done it will be completed on time and in a high-quality manner.

In a referral situation, how would you describe Heinz Marketing and what they can do & enable for another business?

Heinz Marketing is focused on delivering tangible, quantifiable results – not the touchy-feely, hard-to-justify stuff. Matt and his team achieve measurable objectives like sales, increased market share, etc.