Why is Marketing Performance Management Critical for Revenue Success?

Marketing Performance Management is the discipline that measures how well demand generation contributes to overall sales revenues. Without MPM, marketers are guessing at campaign ROI and revenue influence. Marketing Performance Management captures a wealth of data points that measure marketing effectiveness in influencing and driving revenue. Where is the best place to start?

Marketing Performance Management Questions to Answer

These are some of the Marketing Performance Management questions that CMOs must answer:

  • How much budget is spent on the highest and lowest revenue producing campaigns?
  • What is the campaign budget ROI?
  • What are the customer acquisition costs?
  • Where does the revenue come from?
  • How many touchpoints do deals typically take?
  • How long do customer sales take?
  • What is the outlook for revenue over the rest of the fiscal year?

Getting to Marketing Performance Management

Marketing is the driver that sources and influences the most revenue within any organization. The challenge is accurately measuring this impact with customer acquisition costs, marketing-sourced revenue, and overall revenue performance.

How Heinz Marketing Helps

Heinz Marketing has the expertise to help marketers build and implement an effective Marketing Performance Management Strategy.

MPM Strategy Services

  • Assessment and Review of Revenue Goals and Current Metrics
  • Assessment and gap analysis of existing systems and the data models
  • Document gaps in data capture, data accuracy, system integrations, and workflows
  • Detailed documentation on existing state of operations with people, process, technology, and data
  • If new technology is required, project management for vendor selection and implementation
  • Data model strategy including customized tagging for detailed attribution analysis
  • Develop customized data model which captures the attributes necessary for marketing performance management
  • Strategy for implementing an effective Marketing Performance Management initiative, including Change Management recommendations

MPM Implementation Services

Heinz Marketing provides the services to identify the correct data to capture. Our services include implementing and configuring MPM tools and models.

  • Systems configuration and implementation
  • Custom channel mapping
  • Systems configuration with CRM, MA, and Attribution
  • UTM configuration across channels
  • CRM reporting and dashboard set up
  • Custom attribution modeling
  • Budget ROI analysis
  • Custom segmentation
  • Attribution education
  • Marketing performance analysis and reporting
  • Monthly and quarterly analysis on past attribution performance and potential forecast


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