[Webinar] Marketing for Manufacturers: Modernizing Your Target Audience Criteria to Accelerate Business Impact




Learn how to move your marketing efforts forward.

As the manufacturing industry becomes more digitally focused, there’s a need to not only transform factory floors, but marketing strategies as well. With many former methods transitioning to virtual, manufacturing marketers must think differently about how to engage their audience and meet the increase in demand.

The first step to any successful go-to-market plan is to define a clear-cut target audience that remains consistent across channels. Watch Matt Heinz (President of Heinz Marketing) and Brent Adamson (Global Head of Research & Communities at Ecosystems) share tips on creating personalized and effective marketing strategies fit for the digital age.

Enable your teams to:

  • Develop a strong ICP, buying committee, and personas that are unique to your audience
  • Use customer data to inform your target audience and the buying journey
  • Enhance alignment across your teams and drive a consistent prospect experience
  • Drive pipeline that can be attributed to your marketing efforts

Plus, hear true stories about how manufacturers have overcome hurdles to achieve better business outcomes.

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