Metrics & KPI Refinement

Gain insight into ROI impact by collecting meaningful data and analysis.

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Define key success metrics to determine the impact of your efforts.

Metrics aren’t often revisited as a team scales up. But understanding the impact of your efforts can help you course-correct and protect your ROI in the long run. Heinz Marketing can help you build a foundation for measuring success and developing a culture of revenue responsibility across sales and marketing teams.

We do this by:

  • Breaking down the funnel to define success at each stage
  • Identifying the leading metrics that indicate lagging performance
  • Highlighting the metrics that matter in proactive pipeline management and revenue responsible marketing

Develop a cohesive narrative for revenue performance.

Many organizations unintentionally silo their data. Individual teams often create their own measurements of success and lose sight of how that ties back to the overarching goals of the business. Heinz Marketing can help you establish a consistent storyline for revenue performance so you can enhance internal alignment and make accurate and informed decisions.

We do this by:

  • Digging into your current reporting structure and dashboards
  • Developing a reporting hierarchy to ensure alignment and consistency across revenue teams
  • Creating a plan for regularly tracking and communicating pipeline performance


“As an early-stage startup, Heinz Marketing made us realize we had to focus more on marketing, rather than placing all our focus on sales.​Their help was more than just impactful. They brought a lot to light and made us realize the need to build a team to support our ongoing marketing initiatives.”

Julian Alvarez
Founder & CEO
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Metrics & kpi Strategies

Top ABM Metrics You Should Be Measuring

Learn about 8 key ABM metrics that can help you track your program success.


Metrics & KPIs are only part of the path toward more revenue and company growth.

Learn more about the services that establish a predictable pipeline you can depend on.

Well-executed campaigns and programs

That’s what you get when you implement the Predictable Pipeline Method. Leave with stronger buyer-centric marketing campaigns, sales initiatives, and account-based marketing programs that connect with buyers and create an everflowing sales pipeline.


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