Campaign & Program Strategy

A results-driven approach that creates predictable growth.

Boost performance with targeted campaign strategy.

Organizations that take a piece-meal approach to campaign development often end up spinning their wheels and wasting valuable resources. An effective marketing campaign requires close attention to your target audience – including where they’re most active, the channels they interact with, and what messaging will resonate with them at each stage of the funnel. Heinz Marketing can help you create a campaign strategy that boosts performance and directly impacts business growth.

We do this by:

  • Tailoring your campaign to a particular theme and audience
  • Identifying which offers and channels to use for each stage of your buyer’s journey
  • Determining campaign goals and data requirements
  • Creating a detailed launch plan and ensuring team alignment

Deliver measurable outcomes. Execute campaigns that drive results.

Developing a winning campaign strategy is one thing. Having the manpower to deliver it is another. Heinz Marketing can help you execute your demand generation and account-based marketing strategies and determine the success of your programs. We’ll identify what’s working and what isn’t and help you make changes in real-time.

We do this by:

  • Developing copy for each channel involved in the campaign
  • Building, testing, and launching in your respective tools
  • Providing reporting to track campaign and program success

“The team at Heinz Marketing enabled us to shift to an account-based marketing model. The foundational work they did and the processes they developed helped guide my team through a big shift in how we build and measure campaigns. The work with Heinz Marketing forced us to think differently. Their strategy and processes enabled us to start thinking and acting around accounts instead of individual leads. Heinz Marketing helped us through the process and has set the global EDB sales and marketing team up with what they need to continue to grow our ABM capabilities. Heinz Marketing was a great partner in our transition and I would recommend them highly.”

Scott Horn
Chief Marketing Officer

Campaign & Program Strategies

The Importance of a Campaign Checklist

Discover valuable tips for achieving launch success and driving business growth.

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Campaigns & programs are only part of the path toward more revenue and company growth.

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Well-executed campaigns and programs

That’s what you get when you implement the Predictable Pipeline Method. Leave with stronger buyer-centric marketing campaigns, sales initiatives, and account-based marketing programs that connect with buyers and create an everflowing sales pipeline.


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