Target Market Consulting

A deeper analysis of who’s impacting your bottom line.

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Break through the noise with impactful target market consulting.

Identifying who you’re targeting and what lays the groundwork needed to create a predictable and profitable sales pipeline. At Heinz Marketing, target market consulting is the beginning of a Predictable Pipeline Method created to help clients break through the noise of competitors and reach revenue goals that matter.

We do this by:

  • Auditing your existing database
  • Identifying buying committee members
  • Developing personas of buying committee
  • Researching and recommending target account profiles
  • Understanding your business goals

Go beyond personas and expand your reach to make connections that matter.

If you’re only thinking about a specific person when defining your target audience, you’re missing out on scalable opportunities. At Heinz Marketing, we go beyond individual personas by identifying the groups of people who will impact the overall buying decision – a committee.

The buying committee approach widens your horizon for understanding how decisions are made, who’s making them, and how you can meet the needs of each unique member.

“Heinz Marketing was there for Bsquare in a time of business and team transition. They guided our marketing team through the rigors of sorting out our target market, ideal customer profile, and core messaging, and they helped us plan for a more predictable pipeline of contacts and leads. Beyond that, a deep dive on content and technology strategy and metrics created immediate impact on our tactics and on our results. All of that and the team is smart, fun, funny, and proactive. We’re grateful for the engagement.”

Rebecca Staffel
Former Director of Marketing
Bsquare Corporation

Target Market Strategy Guide

Defining an ICP for Manufacturers

Learn how you can create a foundation for your unique target market that accelerates sales and marketing’s impact.

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Target market is only part of the path toward more revenue and company growth.

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Well-executed campaigns and programs

That’s what you get when you implement the Predictable Pipeline Method. Leave with stronger buyer-centric marketing campaigns, sales initiatives, and account-based marketing programs that connect with buyers and create an everflowing sales pipeline.


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