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By Brittany Lieu, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing Virtual team bonding doesn’t have to be an event or even a social hour.  All you may need is 5 minutes at the start of weekly team calls to dissolve the digital distance between your remote workstations.  For those of us who continue to work from home, … Continued

By Cameron Katoozi, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing Third-party cookies have been a critical part of data collection in the digital advertising world for 20+ years, but they will soon be coming to an end in the US. Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox have both phased out third-party cookies from their browsers, and now Google Chrome … Continued

By Maria Geokezas, Chief Operating Officer at Heinz Marketing Online communities exploded in recent years with millions of active members, and it’s no mystery why. Instead of going it alone, a community of like-minded individuals becomes a sounding board for ideas and questions. The community boom demonstrates our desire to move beyond isolated content and toward … Continued

By Brenna Lofquist, Senior Marketing Consultant / Client Services Operations at Heinz Marketing One of the responsibilities of being a Senior Consultant at Heinz Marketing includes mentoring others. We really strive to invest in our employees and grow within wherever possible and mentoring is a huge part of this. With varying levels of experience within … Continued

By Tom Swanson, Engagement Manager at Heinz Marketing Disco, as in discovery, is back!  Or at least that is the catchy subject line.  Disco never really went away.  People and trends are always changing, and keeping up on your disco is crucial. There are lots of ways to do this, and there are plenty of … Continued