Each member of the Heinz Marketing team (including employees, contractors and vendors) hold themselves to the highest standards of integrity, focus and professionalism.

Specifically, we are:


  • Results-Driven: Internally and externally, we are focused on work that drives value and measurable results. Every strategy, tactic and action has a specific, measured purpose.
  • Generous: We are open with our ideas and our time – with each other, with clients, and with our broader network of prospects and peers.
  • Creative: We challenge convention when necessary, think outside of the box and innovate for our clients and ourselves.
  • Curious: We want to know why, how, and what works. We’re hungry to learn more about our craft, and offer the best advice and counsel to our customers.
  • Proactive: We think and act beyond the initial task, beyond what’s asked, to provide broader value for our clients and our business.
  • Respectful: We deliver and demand respect of each other, of our clients and from our clients.