New Year Resolutions: Submission or Sedition?


By Cherie Singer, Strategic Solutions Ambassador at Heinz Marketing

It’s a new year and apparently there are two mutually exclusive camps we can join: resolution-maker or resolution-contrarian.

Maybe it’s my diehard New Yorker roots– but I fall loudly into the latter group.

But please don’t call me a cynic.

My question/argument is – do we need to stand on a pulpit loudly proclaiming the lofty goals we’ll achieve when we wake up on day #1 of a new year?

Feels a bit performative to me. Or could it be I’m just a tad reluctant to build in a little accountability?

I suppose I prefer to quietly and privately (in any given month) – aspire, attempt, advance, attain, abandon, or amend – and repeat. Keeping goals and dreams a little closer to the chest helps me forgive my human failures without the public ignominy.

Case in point – a goal to join my skilled peers and contribute monthly to our Heinz Marketing blog in this new year. And January, the first month and inaugural blog contribution. Well… if I were a resolution-ist, I would have planned and proclaimed this resolution-themed blog be delivered and posted by January 1st! But –as I’m in the other camp, not having spoken this out loud, here it is mid January and as far as I can tell no harm/no foul. 😉